James Pequignot – Whims, Reveries, and Nightmare Sorrows

This album was my big dumb, heartbroken, masterpiece. It took three years to write, record, and release. Then I signed an ill fated record deal in 2010 and they asked me to remove all of my existing content from the web. I probably haven’t listened to it since then. I put it on the other night and realized it’s pretty great. A little rough here and there, mostly cause I played all the instruments, including the drums, but it’s quirky, stumbly, loose, and also heartfelt and good. Now it’s back. I hope you enjoy it.

Whims, Reveries, and Nightmare Sorrows was released on December 3, 2009. The songs were written and arranged by James Pequignot. James Pequignot performed all of the instruments except for the accordion on New York, and slide guitar, bass, and omnicord on Omnilin, which were performed by Evan Tachovsky. The album was engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by James Pequignot in his home studio.