The Singular – Death by Radio

The Singular’s second recording, Death by Radio, was the bands final recording to feature their original bass player. While more polished sounding than their first EP, Death by Radio did not garner nearly as much critical attention as the bands debut EP, even though it contains what front man James Pequignot considers to be their most radio friendly track, Super Highway. This recording contains fan favorites, One Small Step, a song about Neil Armstrong, and Styrene, the story of a man dying as the result of a Styrene chemical spill.

Death by Radio was released on September 1, 2008. The songs were written by James Pequignot. Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards were performed by James Pequignot. The drums were performed by Jordan Valentine. Bass guitar was performed by Tim. The horns on One Small Step were performed by Jeremey Poparad. The songs were produced and arranged by The Singular. The Sad Machine was recorded by Andy Puch at Soft Touch studio. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by James Pequignot. The album artwork was an original piece by Adri Wichert.