Terrycloth Mother with Jaite

2021-07-22 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Union Home Mortgage Plaza
1100 Rock and Roll Blvd Cleveland
OH 44114
Terrycloth Mother with Jaite @ The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Union Home Mortgage Plaza

RSVP for free access to show on the plaza with the ticket link, museum admission sold separately.

Terrycloth Mother is John Panza, Tebbs Karney, James Pequignot, and Drew Maziasz. Terrycloth Mother composes dark, dreamy soundscapes and driving lyrical odes confronting the surrealistic horror of our modern world. Formed from the most recent Cleveland Lottery League but venturing on, Terrycloth Mother continues to poke and prod a lyrical apocalypse while maintaining a sense of humor. Their debut s/t album will be released in October.

Formed in Lakewood, Ohio during 2018, Jaite is a rust belt infused post-punk project by founding members Michael Marefka (vocals, synthesizer, guitar) and Stephen Ovak (guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums). Drawing on a diverse array of musical influences, their most recent release, Lowlands, combines blissful electronic arpeggios with hard driving bass and bright guitar.