The Singular – The Sad Machine

The Sad Machine is The Singular’s first full length album as well as the first album to feature long time bassist and keyboard player, Terry Mortensen, and Nichole Catalano. The bulk of the tracking was done in a five hour session in Jonathan Rogers’ basement, with the help of Rogers, and Andy Puch. This session took place in December of 2008 while front man James Pequignot was home from his short lived excursion to Los Angeles for Christmas. The only other instrumental tracking was of Pequignot’s parent’s piano, which was done in their living room shortly after the initial tracking. The album was then produced, mixed, and mastered during the remainder of Pequignot’s time in LA. The final touches were put into place after he returned home to North East Ohio in February of 2010.

The Sad Machine was released on September 25, 2010. The songs were written by James Pequignot, except for The Devils Two Step, and When the World Ends, which were written by James Pequignot and Jeremey Poparad. Vocals and acoustic guitar were performed by James Pequignot. The drums were performed by Jordan Valentine. Bass guitar was performed by Terry Mortensen. Keyboards were performed by Nichole Catalano-Miller.  The songs were produced and arranged by The Singular. The Sad Machine was recorded by Andy Puch, Jonathan Rogers, and James Pequignot in Jonathan Rogers’ basement, James Pequignot’s bedroom, and James Pequignot’s parent’s livingroom. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by James Pequignot.

The melancholy clappers on traveling salesman problem, and the ghostly whispers on patience as a virtue were: Amber Manfredi, Nicky Mortenson, James Pequignot, Terry Mortensen, and Jordan Valentine 

The artwork was created by Eric Miller:

The free-jazz trumpet samples on The Devil’s Two Step, and the violin solo on The Traveling Salesman Problem were recorded by kaponja and FreqMan respectively. They were used under the creative commons license and can be found at the free sound project.