The Singular – Artifacts

Artifacts is The Singular’s second full length album. It is their first to feature new drummer Mark Bradbourne. Artifacts was recorded over a weekend at keyboard player Nichole Catalano-Miller’s house. After a failed Kickstarter campaign the band pooled its own resources to purchase recording equipment and produced the album themselves. Lead singer, James Pequignot, finished post production over the next few months, and more than once abandoned his current progress and started from scratch.

Artifacts was released on July 13, 2013. The songs were written by James Pequignot. Vocals and acoustic guitar were performed by James Pequignot. The drums were performed by Mark Bradbourne. Bass guitar was performed by Terry Mortensen. Keyboards were performed by Nichole Catalano-Miller. ┬áThe songs were produced and arranged by The Singular, except Artifacts from Childhood Filtered Through Hindsight, En Empty Arm and a Full IV Bag, Electric Chair, and Wisdumb Teeth, were arranged by The Singular and Jason Chicatelli. The songs were engineered, mixed, and mastered, by James Pequignot. Artifacts was recorded by The Singular in Nichole Catalano-Miller’s house on the weekend of March 2nd, 2013, with additional recording and production done in James Pequignot’s home studio.

Hand clappers on Speak to Me were Terry Mortensen, Nicky Mortensen, Corey Stevens, Ginny Little, Amber Pequignot, and James Pequignot 

The artwork was adapted and arranged by Eric Miller from original works by his children, Bryton and Declan Catalano-Miller.

“The Riddle of God” sample on God Turned His Head, was recorded and produced by user Puniho. It was used under the creative commons license and can be found at the free sound project.