Terrycloth Mother – Bullet

Bullet is Terrycloth Mother’s debut song that they presented at the 2019 Cleveland Lottery League Big Show

Bullet was released on June 20, 2019. It was written and arranged by Terrycloth Mother (James Pequignot, Stephen Karney, Drew Maziasz, and John Panza) and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dan Price at Primitive Earth Studio.

I threw a bullet
From a speeding train
Because I wanted
To see what would happen
What would happen?

What if I could be forgiven
Enough to live like
Like It never happened
What would happen?

There’s mystery in the absence
The space between your arms
There’s beauty in the silence
The distance to the stars
I hope that it was worth it
Hope you got everything you want

If the devil can hear us now
He should know we would take any deal that could get us out
A bullet
My kingdom for a bullet
What would happen?

If I had my way
I’d break my solemn vow
Turn you all to ash
Never once look back

Put you to the wall
Back where you belong
If I could find a way

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