2019 Lottery League – Terrycloth Mother

So Cleveland does this amazing thing every three years called Lottery League. Participants are randomly drawn and matched together to form four piece bands. The participants are run through special software to ensure no one ends up in a band with someone they’ve been creative with previously. My wife has told me many stories of the amazing things that have come from Lottery League in the past, and encouraged me to try and participate. I was able to get into this year’s proceedings, and my band, Terrycloth Mother, performed with 37 other bands at the big show this past Saturday, June 8th. It was an amazing experience with lots of stand out bands and performers. Terrycloth mother will be releasing at least a recording of the song we did at the big show, and hopefully more in the future. Once that is available I will post it here. Otherwise find us on Facebook and follow us for further updates.