The Singular – The Johari Window

The Johari Window is an album about experiencing trauma and dealing with its aftermath. It is The Singular’s third, and likely final, full length album. Shortly after recording the album the band decided it was time to move on to other projects. They remain open to working together in the future. 

The Johari Window was recorded in The Singular’s practice and recording space in Kent, Ohio. It was written with a collaborative process that involved lead singer and primary songwriter, James Pequignot, recording a rough acoustic track, to which he sung a melody with mumbled gibberish words. Members of the band would try their hands at interpreting these incoherent mumbles. The interpretations were edited by Pequignot, used as inspiration, and incorporated into the final lyrics. Unlike the bands previous releases, this lead to most members having a hand in the songwriting process. While guitarist Miles Cobbs was not involved lyrically, he was a prolific collaborator musically, and helped craft interesting musical turns for the songs to take.

The Johari Window was released on June 7, 2019. The songs were written by James Pequignot and The Singular. Vocals and acoustic guitar were performed by James Pequignot. The drums were performed by Mark Bradbourne. Bass guitar was performed by Terry Mortensen. Keyboards were performed by Nichole Catalano-Miller. The electric guitar was performed by Miles Cobbs. The songs were produced and arranged by The Singular, and were engineered, mixed, and mastered, by James Pequignot.

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